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PUBG Mobile Update 7.3 contains C4, new mechanics for vehicle damage and more.

In exciting news for millions of PUBG players worldwide, there's a new update to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds-7.3-coming to the game that will bring a new throwable called the C4.

NEW DELHI: There's a new update of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds-7.3-coming to the game in exciting news for millions of PUBG players around the world that will carry a new throwable called the C4.

Explosion Mechanic Changes

  • Vehicles no longer explode instantly upon reaching 0 HP. Instead, engines are now disabled and set on fire, causing the vehicle to explode after 5 seconds
  • Vehicles can still explode instantly if taking large radial damage, like from Red Zones, C4 etc.
  • Exploding vehicles now receive both linear and angular velocity, instead of only linear (vehicle movement after exploding should look a bit less statics now).
  • Additionally, vehicles will no longer receive increase collision damaged when they're rolled over
Vehicle Damage Changes
  • Most vehicles now have multiple damage zones which apply different damage multipliers
  • Applies to the following vehicles: Buggy, Dacia, UAZ, Mirado, Pickup, Rony and Zima
  • All other vehicles receive damage as before, equally regardless of area hit
  • Damage zones:
  • Engine – 100% Damage
    • Engine area, usually located at the front
    • Body – 75% Damage
    • Front and rear doors, rear and bottom sides of body
    • Roof – 50% Damage
    • Roof panel, roof pillars, seats, mirrors
    • Boat Armor Upgrade
    • Boats are now granted 5 static damage reduction
    New Throwable: C4

    C4 is an interesting and powerful new tool which gives players new ways to flush out timid opponents strategically. With a huge 25 meter effective radius and damage that can penetrate the shield, when you hear this beeping brick of boom, you'll want to run away. A short note about C4, we have no intention of this being yet another throwable one. It has a relatively limited range, but can be used to trim the enemy.

    • C4 will begin beeping and detonate automatically 16 seconds after throwing
    • Unable to delay or trigger detonation early
    • There is a alert LED on the C4 and audible beeping with increasing speed, clearly audible within the radius of harm that alerts you of the potential explosion
    • C4 adheres to most materials, including vehicles
    • It doesn't hold onto players
    • Efficient radius of damage is 25 metres, with a lethal radius of 15 metres Harm spreads vertically, but with a significantly narrower range (12.5 meter vertical lethal radius)
    • The shockwave produced from the explosion is so strong that it destroys all enemies within its range, even though they are behind it.
    • You can't throw it far, because of the weight of the C4, and you can't carry many Is found on Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok as a world loot
    • At a later date, C4 will be added to training mode
    Parachute Follow Feature

    To help teammates land together, parachute added follow back to regular matches. Following its inclusion in Update 6.2, this feature was briefly withdrawn due to some technical problems that have now been resolved.

    • Follow UI will be shown at the bottom left of the screen during pre-match countdown.
    • Open the map to choose a co-worker to follow.
    • Up to exit the plane you can still select a teammate to follow up.
    • You may cancel on the map screen, or even holding F while in the plane, or actively following a player in your parachute after choosing a teammate to join.
    Menu Breakdown
    • Overview: An introduction to PCS1 and the Pick'Em challenge, along with the case match schedule
    • Teams: You can find all the participating teams and their rosters here, including regularly updated individual player stats. For more information click on the regions and teams
    • Rankings: Revised rankings with a breakdown by region (APAC, Australia, North America and Europe)
    • Pick'Em Challenge: PCS Pick'Em Challenge event page where you can vote on who you think would take the event victory back home. All details on how to participate for a chance to unlock exclusive rewards can be found here. Until this goes live we'll also post a separate announcement with more info

    We've added another track, additional stations, and some visual and audio enhancements to help focus more on the train system to let you know when your trains arrive and depart. We have added some more DMRs and some changes in the scenery to finish off the season.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixing a problem where the mouse cursor stays on screen when playing War Mode It fixed a problem where arms would often clip through a player's back while they were a passenger in a vehicle
    • Fixed the boat / aquarail problem heaving awkwardly when hit by a throwable. Set a problem that prevented leaning / peeking while crouching and using consumables
    • Fixed a issue where the presence of AR and DMR compensators was swapped when installed on the MK14 / SKS
    • Fixed a problem where models of characters could appear outside the vehicle when entering BRDM with a throwable.
    • Fixed a problem where a vehicle would not suffer damage from bombs if they exploded while cooking.
    Although gamers had expected the Sticky Bomb to be the C4, which was released along with the Karakin map, the developers went with other plans. In addition , the game also contains a new vehicle damage system, several new skins and cosmetic items,

    The new throwable C4 is an interesting and powerful tool which gives players new ways to strategically flush out timid opponents, according to the

    With an effective massive radius of 25 meters and damage that can penetrate cover, players will want to run away when they hear this beeping boom brick, the BGR report said.

    Given its limited range, C4 can be used to cut off enemy entry into a building or new zone, or it can drive enemies out of their safe positions as described above.

    As part of the latest mechanics for damage, when vehicles reach 0 HP, they no longer explode instantly. Instead, engines are now disabled and set on fire which causes the vehicle to explode after 5 seconds.

    The update's BGR report said the burning vehicles are now experiencing both linear and angular velocity, rather than just linear. Additionally, when they are rolled over as they used to in earlier models, vehicles do no longer get increased crash damage.

    Some vehicles also have several harm zones that add multipliers of different damages, the study said.

    The update also brings back parachute follow feature that was temporarily removed due to some technical issues after it was added in Update 6.2. Follow UI will be shown at the bottom left of the screen during pre-match countdown. To pick a team mate you can open the tab.

    In addition to these three big changes, there is also a new Esports Page, and the train system has been modified on Vikendi.

    PUBG Mobile is quite popular, so it will not lose steam anytime soon by delivering a regular stream of updates, new seasonal content and gameplay modes for its player base.

    Developed by Tencent, PUBG Mobile has been named the world's highest grossing mobile game with more than $226 million in user spending as of May 2019, reflecting 41 percent growth.

    Tencent 's Honor of Kings was the world's second-highest earning mobile game in May 2020 with an estimated $204.5 million in gross revenue, representing 42 percent year-over-year growth as of May 2019.

    This was followed by 2.2 per cent from Thailand, where it is run by Garena, branded as Valor's Garena Realm. Roblox from Roblox Corporation was the next highest grossing title, followed by Monster Strike from Mixi, and Moon Active's Coin Master.

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